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High net-worth individuals

Unobtrusive surveillance by experienced and trustworthy specialists can provide increased surety and reassurance for yourself, family members and business interests in a number of far-ranging circumstances – from concerns over personal safety and property intrusion, to suspicion of business irregularities and insider misconduct.

The deployment of covert ‘watchers’ is a positive step that considerably challenges the actions of hostile actors, many of whom themselves undertake clandestine activity to gain information about their intended targets. Understanding their methodology and being able to deploy proportionate counter measures is invaluable.

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We offer inobtrusive bespoke training and services for CEO’s, family members, sensitive data, and employees identified to be at risk. These include:


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Frequently asked questions

Can I visit you to discuss my requirements?

Of course. Once we have established contact we encourage all of all customers to come and meet us so that we can discuss your needs and work together to achieve the best solution for you.

I might have sensitive information to discuss?

All Int Research staff that you will meet will have a security clearance appropriate to your requirements. We will be happy to discuss those in advance of any discussions we may share.

What do you do with my login information?

We are a cyber secure accredited company with strict GDPR procedures. We have regular security audits from external organisations to ensure the highest levels of compliance are maintained.

Why do I need a login to see your products & services?

We keep all of our products and services within a secure site to uphold our responsibilities towards our existing customers and suppliers.